Saturday, September 13, 2014

Steampunk Saturday - The Mother of Airplanes!

The article in Popular Mechanics dubbed this "The Mother of Airplanes", probably because they hadn't coined the word carrier back in October of 1925 when it ran. It reminds me of something I drew in grade school, complete with little biplanes and ships steaming toward some conflagration in  foreign land. Note the tail cannons mounted below the landing deck on the airship? Poised to blow the rudder right off the tail and send the blimp into a horrible uncontrolled circuit above the enemy battlefield that takes the ship through withering fire until someone gets lucky and sends her plummeting earthward.

Still, I love the idea. It appeals to my inner Jules Verne, I imagine the captain's quarters to be Victorian, filled with dark wood accents and a good silver service. The engines are powered by aether, of course. A process created and perfected by your good captain; harnessed for his plans to take over the world...

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