Thursday, November 20, 2014

Singing for Thanksgiving Dinner: Moe Zart's Turkey Trot

Red Ingle and the Natural Seven, ah, mayhem. Red was born in Toledo, Ohio in November of 1906 and from an early age began his musical training. He eventually received a music scholarship at the Toledo American College of Music and was playing professionally by his late teens. In 1931 he joined Ted Weems' Orchestra and Perry Como remarked on Red's natural talent. Red's talent didn't end with music, though, he was a pilot and leather worker (a saddle created by Red was displayed at the Golden Gate International Exposition World's Fair in San Francisco in 1939).

After being rated 4F due to his eyesight, Red joined Spike Jones and his City Slickers. Jones featured Red through 1946 and Red played a big part in the band's hit recordings of Chloe, You Always Hurt the Ones You Love, and Glow Worm.

After parting ways with the Spike, Red had a hit with a parody of a Perry Como song Temptation after which he formed his band, The Natural Seven. By the 60's Red had more-or-less retired from music and he died in 1965

So, now that all the formalities have been formalized and the technicalities technified, Mr. Ingle, please cut the holiday bird.

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