Saturday, May 2, 2015

Indy 500 - Indiana, Maker of the World's Finest Cars

I'm not sure about the romance of Indiana's automobile industry. In fact I'm pretty sure the words "industry" and "romantic" haven't ever been used in a combination that rings true. One thing is for certain, this 1904 ad from Collier's Magazine is the great granddad of the fliers, posters, and full-page ads the state's tourism board runs every May.

I'll admit it's not much of an ad to look at. All black and white with no spectacular graphics or interesting copy. Just a pedestrian blurb trying to wring a little more case from the race-going public's wallets before they headed home. For me the interest comes from the list of manufacturers at the bottom of the page. Not being a car guy, I found more than a few Indiana automakers I'd never heard of and that got me in the mood to look for them!

So, this May I'll be taking a look at some of the state's lesser-known manufactures of things which go vroom in the night (and day, I suppose). Raise the green flag on May 2015, ladies and gentlemen start your engines!

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