Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thirsty Thursday - Cascade Pure Whisky (1917)

In 1818 George Dickel immigrated from Germany, eventually finding himself in Nashville Tennessee where, by 1860, he opened a whiskey wholesaling company. Dickel bought barrels of whiskey from local producers, bottled it, and sold it on to the public.

The Cascade Hollow region of Tennessee had been a noted site for the production of whiskey since the 1870's and it's from this region that Cascade Pure Whisky draws its name. The "Mellow as Moonlight" tagline comes from the purported practice of cooling mash at night.

Personally, I just liked the panther image used in the ad. I've heard stories of the days when panthers roamed the Kentucky hills and probably the woodlands of southern Indiana. A different time, I guess.

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