Friday, July 4, 2014

Gold Medal Flower!

Looking at this ad you can tell it's staged. I'm not talking about the obviously drawn in firecrackers, I'm talking about the model they chose. Something about this woman says she's never lit a firecracker in her life. Maybe it's the hobble-skirt. Being an old hand at pyrotechnics of the unofficial variety, I know rule number one is be ready to run for your life. Dressed like she is, this woman would burn to the ground before she took three steps.

It's striking to see a flour manufacturer touting using their product to make sandwiches, fresh fruit pies, short cakes, and biscuits for the Fourth. It's not a holiday that, to modern sensibility, goes with baking. But in 1910 when Scribner's Magazine ran this ad, most people baked their own bread. Makes you appreciate some of the conveniences we have today, and (hopefully) question others.

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