Saturday, July 12, 2014

Welcome to the Super Moon

The roll of the cosmic dice will give us three "super moons" this summer, the first of which comes tonight! A super moon occurs when the elliptical orbit of our celestial partner brings it closer to the earth than normal during a full moon. This, combined with the optical illusions created by the atmosphere, gives us the extraordinarily large looking moon we'll see tonight.

In honor of our July super moon, I give you the cover for a little moon ditty by Jimmie Crane, Underneath the Indiana Moon.

Jimmie Crane was born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1910 to the name Loreto Domenico Fraieli.  He wrote mistral music and produced minstrel shows as well as publishing tunes of his own tunes. He first break came in the Summer of 1941 with patriotic tune entitled It's Great to be an American. I wish I could play the Hoosier ditty for you, but I wasn't able to lay mouse on it at such short notice. Maybe I'll be able to find one in the future.

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