Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ford Trip Top Shape

Not so much a car ad for the first Sunday in June, but a car service ad. This little missive advising dad to tune the old jalopy up before hitting the vacation highway struck a chord with me. Not sure why, my dad never golfed or smoked a pipe, we never brought a picnic basket to the beach, and I certainly never had a striped talking duck water toy as a sidekick. Nope, the plan was to go to some low-budget camp ground, go fishing, and get sunburned to the point of blistering before everyone complained so much the whole thing ground to an awful halt. Still, the American vacation is a little like the American Thanksgiving - something that is aspired toward and never achieved.

Anyway, Summer begins in June and so does my annual trawl through all things vacation. From cars to campgrounds to food to destinations, you'll be seeing an assortment here on the blog. There isn't a rest stop until Labor Day, so here's your last chance to do whatever's necessary. I'm not stopping this car until we can put our toes in the sand.

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