Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Detective's Office - the Decor and Accessories

It's a lazy Sunday and I thought I'd provide a pictorial update on the status of the detective's office.

Over the past week we've hung paintings, going with a Victorian feel by crowding them in tightly in the office. The subject matter, on the other hand, ranges all the way from the early 1900's to the modern era and include artwork by my dear wife Kelly Madden and good friend Crystal Helt.

As part of the artwork, we converted an old Indianapolis Brewing Company frame to a chalkboard. The process was easier than I thought it'd be and we hung the end result last night. Please forgive the blurriness, my little point-and-shoot couldn't conceive of the fact that a flash would be required and I didn't want to futz about fixing the problem.

You might remember my diatribe on the Royal typewriter a friend donated to the office effort, well it's finally found a home.

And finally I did a little antique mall rummaging yesterday and came up with the perfect coat rack for a detective's fedoras. Now I have a place to hang my hat.

Coming before fall will be a new ceiling fan and a appropriate door. I'll post another update when that happens!

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