Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Foods of the 500 - Hot Dan the Mustard Man

Last week I gave you an ad for Friendly Franks so it only seemed right to follow up with condiments and when you're talking hot dogs that means mustard. I grew up with French's mustard in the refrigerator and the yellow stuff figured prominently on every bologna sandwich that went into my lunchbox up until I stopped bringing a lunch to school. Still, in all those years, I never encountered Hot Dan the Mustard Man.

Hot Dan was the vaguely potato-shaped shill for French's, and apparently he led (or leads) a shadowy life. I paid a visit to French's webpage and, though I found pictures of Dan, I couldn't find any information on his history, origin, or fate. For all I know he went into the witness protection program, sheltering from retribution for turning state's evidence in the big mustard scandal of nineteen-ought something.

As for the ad itself, I'm not sure you can call combining mustard with butter a recipe, but I'm pretty sure the resulting reaction would take out a city block and leave the landscape littered with mutant, potato-shaped mutants bent on destroying humanity.

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