Thursday, May 8, 2014

Indy 500 - 1949 Borg Warner

Today's find, a Borg Warner ad from a 1949 issue of Time Magazine. The namesake of the Indy 500 winner's trophy manufactured automotive components including, as the ad indicates, transmissions. Curious combination of illustration and photography in this ad - not to mention an unfortunate choice of spokesperson. Mr. Allred not only looks like a weasel, but he works for a "well known" insurance company. Two strikes, buddy.

I like Allred's title, though: travelling executive. In my mind he blows into town in his '49 Plymouth, pushes his fedora back off a troubled brow, and straightens his tie as he surveys Main.

"This town could use some real exeutiving and I'm just the man to do it!"

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