Sunday, May 4, 2014

Indy 500 - 1911 McFarlan Six

Between 1909 and 1928 McFarlan built automobiles in Connersville, Indiana as an outgrowth of John B. McFarlan's Carriage Company. Alfred H. McFarlan, John's grandson conceived of and ran the McFarlan Motor Company for all 19 years of its existence.

McFarlan cars were entered into the 1911 and 1912 Indy 500 races without a win after which the company focused on luxury automobiles and McFarlans were owned by Wallace Reid, William Desmond Taylor, Fatty Arbuckle, Paul Whiteman, Jack Dempsey, and E. Lee Trinkle (governor of Virginia). Al Capone purchased one for his wife in 1924 and a second in 1926.

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