Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Foods of the 500 - Hunt's Catsup Sacrilege

Pouring over old food ads can be a dicey proposition. You're going to see things that just aren't right, things that you can't un-see. Mostly it's the usual suspects - margarine that need dye packets to turn yellow, canned meat products, Velveeta cheese - but from time to time you come across something so wrong, so terrible, that it makes you question whether you wan't to keep trawling through the ad bins.

That's how I felt when I came across...this. A t-bone steak that actually looks edible is a rarity in a 50's era magazine ad. The rest of the plate is more common, the baked potato looks like an open sore and the green beans like lawn clippings, but the steak actually appears to be meat. And then the catsup...what kind of monster puts catsup on a steak?

Hunt for the best? I'm hunting for the jerk who thinks the proper sauce for a well grilled steak is catsup. There has to be a 12 step program for people like that.

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