Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thanksgiving Feed - Booth Sardines (1922)

Now we're on the opposite side of 20's advertising. A few days ago I ran an ad for Wesson Oil that was simply beautiful, today I'm running an ad for Booth's Sardines that makes me shudder. It's not that I dislike sardines, I actually like them (though I prefer anchovies). No, the problem is in the images of "Booth's Sardine Loaf" and "One Minute Salad"

Sardine loaf is the least offensive. In essence it looks no worse than a loaf of Spam or Treet - not that I'd call that a ringing endorsement - and when I read the instructions that's about what it amounts to. Take some de-boned sardines and mash them up with eggs and breadcrumbs, then pack it in a mold and cook the life out of it. You'll come up with a block of sardines that will clear a break room in under ten seconds.

One Minute Salad is the worst. In the illustration it looks like someone's taken a steaming dump on a lettuce leaf. Reading the recipe, though, it sounds like the less offensive of the two fishy treats. It's really nothing but tuna salad made with sardines.

I'm struck by the fact they needed to specify these are "food sardines". Were there industrial sardines? Maybe weaponized sardines? The mind boggles.

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