Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Feed - Bosco (1940)

When I was growing up the only thing that'd be added to milk would have been Nestles Quick. Bosco was a thing of the past and, judging by the look of it, I'm grateful for that fact! Nothing like adding motor oil to the kiddo's morning cow juice. And "Milk Amplifier", what the heck is that all about? I've seen all kinds of off-beat buzz-wordery, but I'm thinking "Milk Amplifier" ranks up there with the wackiest.

At first I was also surprised at the angle the ad takes in general. I mean this is 1940, just one year before the US would enter World War II and in the midst of the macho, he-man era and it looked like there were two young boys playing dress-up. That was until I caught the middle panel at the bottom shows it's a boy and a girl playing dress-up. Still feels odd, though. Kind of like these two kids are the last children on Earth and they really don't know how to be kids or something. It's got that Victorian sense of kids are nothing more than little adults.

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