Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Thanksgiving Feed - Minute Tapioca (1922)

There's something about a food that has to lurk in the shadows. I mean look at that table. It looks like a co-star in Double Indemnity. Somebody died for that tapioca.

Outside of the insanity that's bubble tea, I've never met a person who really likes tapioca. I mean somebody eats it. That or it's another case like the fruitcake where we're all just passing around the same tapioca in an eternal loop of passive aggressiveness. There's just something about foods that come in bead form. I never trusted those beads that used to be in Contact cold capsules either. They just didn't look...well...honest.

Watch the smiles it says, more like watch the grimaces. "Oh lord, Gladys is serving tapioca the hell do I get out of here without making a scene?"

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