Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Thanksgiving Feed - Nesbitt's (1944)

Ready for a fizzy drink? How about a Nesbitt's Orange Soda...well, okay you'll have to work to get one because they're rare and distributed only in certain states. They did use Marilyn Monroe in their print ads long before she became the Marilyn Monroe and they once held the title of the most popular orange soda in the United States. I guess that's saying something.

This ad, on the other hand, doesn't say much. 1944 would have been the cusp of the Nesbitt heyday. The company had started bottling its sodas just five years earlier and they were heading toward being soda kings. Seems a little less than ambitious for the kings...but then again somewhere they were running their Marilyn ad at this time so that kind of balances things out.

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